Jealousy In Relationships: We Present 10 Insane Jealousy Stories

1. A Saudi husband who divorced his wife during jealousy in relationships because she kissed a horse


Incriminating photographs of someone kissing another person have definitely broken up tons of relationships, but this jealous husband just crossed the limits. Can it be called an acute case of ”jealousy in relationships”? Let’s find it out!

A Saudi man divorced his wife during just because he stumbled upon a photograph of her kissing a horse on social media. The woman had published the photo of her equine smooch at a farm near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, herself. She, nonetheless, added that she was not upset by splitting from a man who cannot distinguish between humans and animals.

2. Britain’s “most jealous” woman makes her man take a lie detector test every time he leaves the house


A woman makes her husband undergo a lie detector test, to prove he has been faithful, every time he leaves the house. She suffers from a rare condition that causes delusional jealousy. Debbi Wood, 42, of Leicester is so paranoid that she checks his phone, email accounts and bank statements several times a day for evidence of infidelity. Mr. Wood, cannot even watch women on television or look at pictures of them in magazines. She suffers from Othello Syndrome, a psychiatric disorder which causes sufferers to believe their partners have been unfaithful – even without evidence.

3. The jealous boyfriend who used a fundraiser to crash girlfriend’s spring break vacation


This story is the perfect case ”jealousy in relationships”. Miami, Florida, in United States is a hub of vacationers, but for one man watching his girlfriend go to the city of beautiful scenery and even more beautiful people was too much to handle. reported that a man named Azel Prather Jr. kicked off a fundraiser to raise enough money to travel to Miami to be with his girlfriend so she wouldn’t be tempted to cheat on him while on spring break. On the website Prather made his original appeal, where he danced a fine line between devoted boyfriend and bonafide stalker.

It appears that many people support Prather’s jealous streak. He raised $360 from 29 different donations within eight days on the website. Afterwards he updated his GoFundMe page to let everyone know that he and his girlfriend had met up and were enjoying their spring break together.

4. The man who was forced to choose between his girlfriend and jealous ex-partner after both jump into river to see who he would rescue


For a man it turned out to be a sticky situation when her girlfriend and his ex both threw themselves into a river, to see which one he loved the most. Confused Wu Hsia, 21, had spilt with long-term girlfriend Jun Tang, 20, after meeting new love 22-year-old Rong Tsao. But a jilted Jun never stopped hassling him to get back with her. Wu decided to arrange a meeting between the three of them. All met in Ningbo, in eastern China’s Zhejiang province, where the situation turned from bad to worse. An argument broke out between the girls; The man’s ex-girlfriend felt insulted by a comment made by his current girlfriend, therefore, she jumped into the river and called for her former lover to save her.

The second girl fearing that he might actually jump in to rescue his his ex-lover, then jumped in as well. Both of them began calling for him to rescue them from drowning. Eventually, Wu jumped into the water and saved his current girlfriend, and then took her to hospital. He called his brother to rescue his ex, who in turn called the fire brigade. They arrived at the scene and helped the heartbroken woman out of the water.

5. The jealous wife who chopped off her cheating husband’s penis, twice


After a girl named Feng Lung in Henan province found that her 32-year-old husband Fan Lung was having an affair she slashed off his penis while he was sleeping in their bedroom. Surgeons reattached Fan’s penis, but his wife chopped off his healing genitalia again. Fan forgot to log out off his wife’s mobile phone after sending a naughty email to his 21-year-old lover, that Feng happened to read. In rage Feng cut off her husband’s penis twice; the second time she threw his penis out of the hospital window. It was never found.

Bang You Later, an adult video company, has now offered Fan a role in a porn movie. The company said our aim is to help Fan financially, and restore his “sexual confidence.”

6. The jealous ex-lover who sleeps on doorstep to deter rival suitors


A woman in Zimbabwe registered a complaint in court that her ex-lover intentionally sleeps on her doorstep every night to prevent her boyfriends from visiting. Muchechetere as well alleged that Costa Gwebe verbally and physically abuses her whenever he comes to her house.

She told the court that she fled from home because Gwebe used to physically abuse her over the smallest things. Gwebe has refuted the allegations saying he caught Muchechetere four times with a boyfriend in their bedroom. He further alleged that his ex-wife would go out for parties with her boyfriends leaving their minor child unattended.

7. The President who gave the perfect reaction to woman’s jealous boyfriend


President Barack Obama was casting his early ballot for the 2014 midterm elections in Chicago, when a voter standing near him warned the Commander-in-Chief: “Don’t touch my girlfriend.” Mike Jones was in a cue with his girlfriend Aia Cooper when President Obama arrived at the polling station in Chicago. The jealous boyfriend was caught live on camera telling the Commander-in-Chief, “Mr. President, don’t touch my girlfriend.” To which the flabbergasted Obama replied, “I really wasn’t planning on it.”

Aia Cooper, the girlfriend was embarrassed, as Obama played out the conversation that was likely to ensue as she tells her friends about her run-in with the President, saying, “I can’t believe Mike, he’s such a fool.” Just as he leaves, the President embraces Cooper, saying, “You’re gonna kiss me, give him something to talk about. Now, he’s really jealous.” Perhaps Mike was a bit justified in his protection over Aia – after all, it was just a week later that Obama reported having “hugged and kissed” nurses who had treated Ebola patients!

8. The jealous man who assaulted ex-girlfriend with a Cornetto


In November 2014 an ex-boyfriend got jealous when his former partner told him she was seeing someone else, and assaulted her with a Cornetto. Ben Moses, 20, “thrust” the Wall’s ice cream cone into Katie Crowle’s face just as she was saying that she was seeing another man. The pair split after Crowle admitted she was involved with someone else. Three weeks later the couple were trying to reconcile, when she revealed details of the new relationship.

An angry Moses reacted by grabbing a Cornetto that one of their two kids had been eating and tried to stuff it into her mouth. She rang up the police, but the last thing a police operator heard was the sound of her screaming. The mum was left with a face full of ice cream, a swollen lip and a bruised chin.

Moses with no convictions in his name, was cautioned for assaulting his partner of four years. His lawyer tried to excuse him by saying she had taunted his client with intimate details about her sex life with the unnamed other man. The couple later on patched up.

9. The jealous man who smashed his girlfriend’s laptop after seeing a photo on her Facebook page and suspecting an affair… only it was a picture of Mitt Romney


A boyfriend in rage punched his girlfriend and smashed her computer as he got jealous of a picture of Mitt Romney posted on her Facebook page. Lowell Turpin, 40, of Anderson County, Tennessee, accused live-in girlfriend Crystal Gray, 38, that she was having an affair after he saw picture of a mysterious man on her Facebook page.

Gray told Turpin that it was the Republican presidential candidate, but the 310lb man didn’t listen and his verbal abuse turned physical. He was finally locked up on charges of domestic assault.

10. The jealous girlfriend who stabbed a man to death who only was texting his boss


Another example of acute ”jealousy in relationships”. In March 2015, a Bronx man was stabbed to death by his jealous girlfriend, as he was texting his boss to let him know he’d be late for work. The girlfriend thought he was texting another woman. Norberto Cruz-Valentin, 21, was stabbed many times in the torso in the midst of a fight with his girlfriend Kristal Delvalle, 23, inside their apartment.

The fight broke out when he was texting his manager to tell him he would be late. Delvalle got angry because she felt he was texting another woman. Cruz-Valentin was pronounced dead at the hospital. The woman was taken into custody and is expected to be arraigned on charges of manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon.

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7 Sexy Outfits Women Wear That Really Turn Guys On

Some unexpected items of sexy outfits which a dude says he loves seeing you in

Unsexy-Items-Women-Wear-sexYou most likely have a fairly clear idea of what you think is sexy outfits and date-appropriate (lipstick, heels, cute dresses) and what falls on the dowdy side of the spectrum (sweats, turtlenecks, button-downs). However, you might be surprised by what turns men on. And I should know—after all, I am a dude. Here are some seemingly innocent looks that really turn us into major hornballs.

1. A T-Shirt and Jeans


We can safely call it — the vanilla ice cream of outfits. But you know what? It’s simply too hard to go wrong with a classic. A T-shirt that fits so snuggly and a pair of jeans that draws attention to your shape scream girl next door in all the right ways. You know what else is great about vanilla ice cream? Although its’ plain, you can make it look fancy by adding things.Unsexy-Items-Women-Wear-sexy-outfits-sexy-clothes-for-women-latest-fashion-for-women3

2. A Baggy Dress Shirt

The fabled outfit from Risky Business is just as sexy outfits on a woman as it was on Tom Cruise. It’s certainly ll-fitting, and certainly feels like pajamas, but it puts your legs on display—which we love—and leaves just enough to the imagination.

3. Gym Clothes


You most likely have a vague idea that men love tight-fitting yoga pants already. Nonetheless, here I’m talking about something else. If you love to workout, then you’ve automatically earned sexy points in most guys’ books. So bring on the shorts and high socks. Mmmm.

4. Turtlenecks


Honestly, T-neck is kind of sexy. It’s not only cute, it’s even a bit mysterious! And women usually wear them in the wintertime, a.k.a. the season of snuggling.

5. Ponytails


All right, it certainly isn’t a clothing item. Nonetheless, it’s a perfect example of how something can be both easy and sexy outfits. Moreover, very guy’s first crush wore her hair in a ponytail. It’s the truth!

6. A Beanie


Women often wear them when they haven’t washed their hair in a while, nevertheless, beanies emits an edgy-cool-cute vibe we can’t get enough of. So, just wear them when your hair is clean, too.

7. Work Clothes


It’s an acceptable fact that plain black pencil skirt and blouse makes women feel super uptight. Maybe that suit and heels isn’t comfortable at all. Perhaps that apron is dirty and greasy. Regardless of that you work on Wall Street or at Whataburger, your work clothes can be hot. It shows the guys that you’re self-reliant, and have the skills and intelligence that’s required for that job, and that’s sexy outfits. Apart from that, all men have had fantasies ranging from getting with the cafeteria worker to getting with the CEO.

Bonus: We Love It When You Wear Whatever Makes You Feel Amazing


Lady Gaga never puts on a dress simply because it’s high fashion. Believe me; sirloin steak dresses have never and will never be a thing. She wears them for the reason that she feels comfortable in them. In one way or another, they suit her well (in the case of the steak dress…medium-well). That trait makes her attractive to guys. She is comfortable and confident—and those will look just as good as you as they do on her.

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‘Poor Teeth’ Writer Sarah Smarsh on Class and Journalism


Julia Wick | Longreads | November 7, 2014 | 11 minutes (2,674 words)

“I am bone of the bone of them that live in trailer homes.” That’s the first line of Sarah Smarsh’s essay “Poor Teeth,” which appeared on Aeon earlier this month. Like much of Smarsh’s work, “Poor Teeth” is a story about inequity in America. It is also a story about teeth, hers and her grandmother’s and also the millions of Americans who lack dental coverage.

Smarsh has written for Harper’s, Guernica and The Morning News, among other outlets. Her perspective is very much shaped by her personal experiences: She grew up in a family where most didn’t graduate from high school, and she later chaired the faculty-staff Diversity Initiative as a professor at Washburn University in Topeka. I spoke with her about her own path to journalism and how the media cover issues of class. 

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Immigration and America

kanani mahelona


A few days ago, my longtime friend, Rodolfo Ramirez, became an American citizen. I was honored to be able to travel by train to New Haven, CT to witness his naturalization ceremony, along with his partner, John, and his dear friends, Maria, Gitte, Marge and Roberto. I have witnessed this wonderful, loving and talented man transition over the years from a young and magnetic coworker in Mexico City, to a wizened, mature and passionate teacher and resident of Connecticut, to a lifelong friend and confidant – and full-fledged citizen of the United States, to boot!



The train ride through New England, and the purpose for the journey, awakened the ghosts of the original American patriots who lived, defended and died here. It made me reflective of my own sense of what patriotism feels like, and what role immigration plays in the spirit of national pride.

Upon arrival at the grand, column-flanked…

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Why You Need Parenting Skills Training – And Whether There Are Any Other Alternatives


At the outset before we embark on studying if you really are in need of parenting skills training or not — let me make it crystal-clear that learning parenting skills is a necessity for you. And the most important step that you need to take is learn those skills and to not feel guilty about it. It’s often the case that parents feel anxious and guilty because they don’t know how to communicate with their children in the right way.

Some skills come natural – while some by training


You must remember that you were not a parent when you were born — so in plain words you need to learn to be parents. Most importantly you need to understand that in order to learn and apply parenting skills, you first have to make out the difference between children and adults. The way you communicate with children has to be completely opposite of how you communicate with adults. Parents often miss this critical aspect of parenting. The fact is that kids have a pretty different perception of the world around them, of you, of the things you say or do.

Parenting skills training in the basic sense is quite like a class for parents.


Parenting skills training involves honing skills that you already have and further building-up more skills so that you are fit enough to communicate effectively with your children, as well as acquire the techniques to handle tricky situations. Often parents encounter awkward situations, like the child starts throwing tantrums for no reason, and talking to the kid seems impossible. At that point it is the parenting skills training that comes in handy, to salvage the situation. So according to me it makes sense if you join a parenting skills training group.

Look For Online Parenting Programs


If you are uneasy about attending a parenting skills class then another option is to look for parenting programs online. Buy a parenting eBook and sift through it. Later you can apply those techniques and if the program doesn’t work you can just ask for a refund. So I feel that an online parenting program can be a cost-effective way of learning parenting skills.

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How Protein Help In Boosting Muscle And Fitness


Protein is regarded as the key building block of muscle and fitness. A Dutch chemist discovered protein in 1838 and the word ‘protein’ was coined by Jons Jakob Berzelius. At that time protein was reported to be an organic compound built from chains of amino acids that are key to muscle repair and development. We humans are made up of proteins and protein is also beneficial for us in many ways.

Protein Prevent Muscle Wasting


If you want to have strong muscles and ripped physique then you require a diet high in protein. Around thirty to forty percent of diet of body builders and athletes consist of proteins because proteins help to prevent muscle wasting. A daily intake of this precious compound is advised and is necessary for people undergoing intense training workouts.

protien3Today you can get an instant dose of proteins from protein shakes and energy bars — and you can easily consume these products anywhere and at any time. By adding high amounts of protein to your diet you get to stimulate muscle synthesis, which enables muscle to rebuild and help boost its size and strength. A person whose diet consists of high amounts of protein is likely to gain higher muscle to fat ratio. The performance too will get boosted since large muscles in the arms and legs turn stronger every day.
In order to keep up a balanced and safe protein consumption, it is critical to persist with the desired diet plan. That aids in keeping the protein level at an ideal and safe range.

Protein Diet For Muscle and Fitness


The two key sources of protein are: animal protein that consist of dairy products and beef meat and fish, PLUS plant proteins that comprise soybeans, and various other vegetables that pack high amounts of proteins than others. The most perfect and high quality proteins are ones that are processed and have gone through varied scientific procedures. The procedures help extract a high concentration of protein to boost muscle and fitness. For example, Whey protein isolates weighs in forty to sixty grams of protein per serving. Whey protein act as an instant protein replacement for body builders – and they’re required to take the product after each workout.


However, the main meal of bodybuilders comprise primarily animal protein and plant protein. Ideally a human body require one to two grams protein per pound of body weight. One needs to segregate each meal as per one’s ideal protein requirement, in order to get the optimum result. A lean steak, for instance, gets to pump twenty to twenty five grams of protein per serving. Team protein intake with moderate complex carbohydrates consumption to boost your body’s protein consumption. Some other good sources of proteins you can try are nuts, beans, rice, and cereals.

Fruit Nutrition Facts – How Much Calories Fruits Contain

Nutrition facts – Apples


Apples are packed with vitamin A and C – plus they are great to get rid of colds and infections. Moreover, apples are potent blood purifiers that bring on varied benefits to the blood and lymphatic systems. Apple juice in fact is an amazing cleanser, and helps in losing weight as well as is useful as a general tonic.
One medium size apple packs approximately 100 calories. For beautiful skin (how to get clear skin) have apples, fresh pineapple, grapes, and kiwi fruits.

Nutrition facts – Grapes


Grapes are potent cleansers as well as have the power to stimulate the metabolism – that’s why grapes are utilized in elimination and weight loss diets. Additionally, grapes are full of magnesium thus promote bowel movement as well as proper kidney function.
Grape juice helps to cleanse blood and liver as well as gets rid of unwanted uric acid from the body. Grapes have a high potassium content, which boost kidney function, strengthens the heartbeat, plus helps the skin to look flawless and beautiful.
Grapes have amazing cleansing properties and keep the system clean and fresh. Dark grapes are iron-rich fruits and thus help make good blood. If you are looking to lose weight you can add a hand full of grapes as a good snack, to your weight loss diet.
One cup of grapes contain around 100 calories.

Nutrition facts — Pineapple


You can call it a protective fruit — because it is packed with vitamin C. People with constipation problems are recommended to have a glass of pineapple juice daily. Pineapples also eliminate digestion issues. The acids and enzymes make pineapples pretty useful as detox diet.
Pineapples are great for relieving sore throats. Pineapple is rich in beta-carotene, folic acid, potassium, iodine, calcium and magnesium.

Nutrition facts – Kiwi


Kiwi is rich source of vitamin c foods – in fact it has twice the amount of vitamin c than oranges. In addition, Kiwi has high potassium content that helps to ward off colds and flu. Pick kiwi fruits that are firm but not hard.

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Is It A BEER or A Coffee?


Starbucks coffee has since eternity been serving to patrons a variety of seasonal drinks like iced Frappuccino in the summer and Pumpkin Spice lattes in the fall. This time around its customers will be warmed up with a beer flavored coffee. Starbuck’s new Dark Barrel Latte tastes exactly like Irish beers such as Guinness. The beverage is topped with whipped cream and a dark caramel sauce and flavored coffee syrup. Starbucks promises patrons that while the coffee tastes like beer it doesn’t contain alcohol.

The new beer flavored coffee drink has been introduced in a few Starbucks locations because it is still at a testing stage, and a study is going on to find out its popularity. As per Starbucks Dark Barrel Latte is currently being served at select stores in Columbus, Ohio and also some in Florida.


People get a thrill when they sip the drink for the first time—it tastes like beer and is delicious.
‘Tried the Dark Barrel latte from Starbucks. Basically tastes like a beer but with espresso #notbad #thenewwhitegirlwasted #espressobuzzed,’ said Twitter user Kayla. But a few pooh-pooh the taste. ‘Severely disappointed in @Starbucks. The Dark Barrel Latte is horrid. Bring back my Salted Caramel Latte to Ohio, PLEASE. #notfallwithoutit,’ said Twitter user Kristin Juth.



This is how Starbucks describes its new product: ‘Dark Barrel amalgamates savory toasty malt and chocolaty tastes. Topped with sweet dark caramel the beverage offers a delicious complexity that build with every sip.’

The Different Side To Paradise

ParadiseIt’s well-known for its opulent accommodation, turquoise waters and awe-inspiring beaches. Nonetheless, these pictures unveil the darker side to the Maldives – with tons of rubbish washed up on the island’s pristine sands. Award-winning filmmaker Alison Teal, 27, toured Thilafushi – or Trash Island – a man-made island built as a municipal landfill located to the west of Malé.
Paradise2She said it was a shock to see the piles of plastic bottles floating in the crystal-clear sea and littered over the usually idyllic beaches. Partnered by Australian photographer Mark Tipple and his associate Sarah Lee, the team captured these awful images and footage to document the luxury destination’s waste problem.
Paradise3There are more than 400 tonnes of garbage thrown away on the Maldives’ island per day – a figure credited mostly to the tourist industry on which the chain of atolls relies. One visitor on an average generates 3.5kg of waste per day. Alison, from Hawaii, a big supporter of organisations that recycle plastic into fashion, inclusive of bikinis and jackets, has filmed a documentary about her time in the Maldives. She said: ‘It was a big shock to see tons of plastic rubbish thrown out in the uninhabited, picturesque island we stayed on.’ ‘We left the island on a raft made out of bottles. At that time I made up my mind that I would return and do something about the plastic pollution.’ Alison volunteered for a beach clean-up campaign, and currently helps companies which make rubbish into clothes.

Paradise4‘In just 30 minutes, covering almost 50ft of beach, we collected tons of of plastic bottles which the villagers took great pride in making plastic fashion.’ Alison, who promotes organisations which use plastic to make items like bikinis, said: ‘It’s my dream to see plastic vanish from this world all together – especially single use plastic like bottles, straws, and plastic bags. For the time being I would want to see it in bikinis, jackets, and eyewear instead of littered across the beautiful beaches of the Maldives, and other beaches around the world – with bottles that have drifted all the way from America!’

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